Bamboo Fibre Scrub Sponges

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fibre Scrub Sponges: A Natural and Effortless Cleaning Solution

We're thrilled to inform you that we now have bamboo sponges available in our collection of eco-friendly products, and they're quickly becoming one of our popular choices. We aim to offer you a natural cleaning solution that is safe for your home and our products. 


Our brand is committed to offering sustainable, practical, and earth-friendly products. Unfortunately, the yellow and green dish sponges commonly used harm the environment. They have a short lifespan and can take years to decompose in landfills.


Bamboo fibre scrub sponges are made mostly from certified organic bamboo, which is biodegradable and dissolves quickly. These sponges are durable, saving you the hassle of replacing them often. They have a soft texture, no unpleasant odour, and are highly absorbent, preventing stains. Bamboo sponges can easily tackle cleaning tasks in your kitchen and home without any hassle. Not only are they great for households, but they're also environmentally friendly. Once you try eco-friendly products like these, you won't want to return to using other materials.

You can conveniently purchase our Bamboo Fibre Scrub Four-Pack at our Amazon Canada and Amazon US stores.

As parents of young children, we were uncomfortable with using plastic tableware for our kids. So, we decided to create TEEMI BABY and use silicone for our products instead. Our goal is to provide a safer way for children to explore food during mealtime and offer more eco-friendly options for parents. Our Silicone Bibs and Silicone Divided Plates come packed in a PEVA pouch, and we are thrilled to announce that we will soon have Plant-Based Tableware for Kids available.


But next, we will share our thoughts on Plastic vs PEVA and why we chose PEVA for many of our product packagings.


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