A modern family brand, making a difference.

About us....

As parents, we love practicality and modernity, so we established our brand to provide thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing, and premium-style children's tableware and accessories to make a life for you and your little ones enjoyable during magical feeding and household adventures.

What makes us different.

We study...

We study the challenge of thoughtfully designing, testing, and coordinating products to offer the best solution for the child and the parent.

We keep things real...

We are fun and modern, and we relate. Most of all, we connect with you on many levels to suit the fun stages of parenthood and everyday lifestyle.

We take testing to a whole other level.

Not only do we ensure all our premium-style products are certified and lab tested according to the required compliance child and adult safety acts, but we also do parent and toddler usability tests. We go to great lengths to ensure our products are ergonomically suitable and practical for both you and child.

We thoughtfully design.

When designing and coordinating our products, we study the challenges parents and children are experiencing and provide a solution to make you and your child enjoy life’s greatest moments.

Giving back.

When developing our family brand, we always knew giving back was engraved as part of our mission. Since 2019 when our corporation ‘The Original Baby Box Inc.’ was established, we have been annually donating goods to the Canadian Foodbank, The Hospital for Sick Children, and Youth Shelters, all with a big heart and helping hand.

Share the Love with us...

Select one of the causes at checkout, and we will donate a percentage of your purchase to your chosen cause. Together, we can make a difference.

Because we care.

We use 100% Compostable Mailers to ship small to medium-sized parcels from our storefront because we care about our Earth. If there is a way to help, count us in.

Our dedication to Tishwish supports the Timber Re-Leaf Project, where for every order we place with them, they plant a tree in an area that needs reforestation.

More to come.

We are actively designing new moulds and coordinating products that will be available according to the collection launch. 

Our process is thoughtful, and we take quality assurance to imaginable heights so that you and your child will love them. You can check out our sneak peeks on our socials @teemibaby.

Thank you.

As a Canadian small business, we are grateful for your support.
We are very excited to have you as part of the long list of happy families and appreciate your trust in us for making our products part of your home during life's greatest moments. We appreciate you and couldn't thank you enough.

Our Commitment.

Happy you, happy us.

As a dedicated and caring brand, we want you to have a seamless experience. Email our support team to assist you at support@teemibaby.ca, and we will be happy to help. We are fast at communication and will resolve any concerns you have.